StorySpinners is a group of writers who met on a Curtis Brown Creative Writing course, way back in 2016. Deciding that the world needed access to our thoughts on writing, as well as our less-publishable stories, poems and sundry, we set up this blog.

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About our authors

Marisa Noelle

Hi!  I write YA books, mostly sci-fi & fantasy, a few about serious issues: mental health, anxiety, depression, & learning difficulties.  You can follow me on twitter @marisanoelle77 or see my Facebook pages at  Marisanoelle77 & The Unadjusteds where you can read the first chapter for free!

My websites are coming soon: Marisa Noelle offical website & The Unadjusteds offical website

Please have a browse and check out some of my short stories on this site.

I am represented by Marianne Gunn O’Connor

Lindsay Sharman

I’m a writer and performer. Check out the classiest website evah at and catch me twitting @lindsaysharman and @madamemagentaUK

Melissa Welliver

I have an MA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester and more recently I completed Curtis Brown Creative’s Novel Writing course. I have worked as a games reviewer for various websites, and I now run my own games company called Mabel Apps LLP. I collaborated in writing the bestselling online game The Last Door, and I am currently working on a narrative nuclear war game for mobile. I have also been published in the Manchester Anthology of New Writing in 2013, which featured a forward by Jeanette Winterson. Currently, I have a short story published in Electric Reads’ Young Writer’s Anthology, which is in print in both the UK and the US.

I am represented by Tessa David of PFD.

You can find me on twitter @Melliver giving my inane musings on feminism, sci-fi and dogs.

Lydia Massiah

I’m an aspiring writer of YA fiction for boys, with a fascination for caves, the natural world and history – especially the Iron Age. TROGLODYTE  is a supernatural tale set in the Mendips where I used to live and was inspired by my own and my sons’ experiences of caving. Try looking up a YouTube clip of going down the swallet Swildon’s Hole to give yourself a scare!  When a caving instructor told us how he’d found an Iron Age brooch while exploring a cavern, the idea for TROGLODYTE began.

I have an English degree from Exeter College, Oxford (the inspiration for Jordan College in ‘His Dark Materials’ Trilogy) and was lucky enough to be taught by Philip Pullman when studying for a PGCE.

The spirit of adventure inspires my writing, but also sadness that modern life’s disconnect from the natural world may be building up mental health issues for the next generation. My writing seeks to take readers to times and worlds where survival depended on knowledge of the environment around you.

You could follow me on twitter @lydia_massiah but I really wouldn’t bother as I haven’t properly started using twitter yet!

S J Hopwood

Author and creator of animation concepts. Writing stories for children, secretly defending the world from Splodgers, baking banana cakes and (ever so carefully) juggling tortoise. Visit my website or follow me on Twitter @Hopwoodtoons

Renee McAlpine

Writer of Middle Grade fiction and terribly short bios.

You can find me on Twitter @ReneeKMcAlpine

Julie Marney Leigh

I write contemporary ‘clean teen’ novels for young people with a focus on feminism and friendship. In 2016, I completed the Curtis Brown Creative Writing for Children Course with Catherine Johnson, where I developed my novel ideas and met some of the best writer-friends imaginable. We publish some of our thoughts and scribbles here.

I have a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, where I was a lecturer in English for many years, as well as being co-Director of the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School.

I am represented by Chloe Seager at Diane Banks Associates.

Tweet me @jules_leigh

 Ralph Browning

Wannabe Picture Book author and YA novelist. Stay at home father and freelance marketeer. Token bloke, only here to take the rubbish out and kill wasps.


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