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It’s here! I’m entering! #pitchwars
If you don’t know what pitchwars is check here
Ok – before we get serious, a few fun and irrelevant facts about me. I can put both my legs behind my neck (seriously!). My father speaks fluent Donald Duck and was once asked to be the voice of Disney. I adore ice cream. Specifically Ben & Jerry’s. When I’m happy or sad its got to be a combination of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Peanut Butter Cup slathered in dry roasted peanuts and chocolate sauce. I always wait until the husband’s away so I don’t get ridiculed about how much sugar I’m ingesting (care)! I have 3 kids on the spectrum, which makes for an interesting, chaotic and unique household.
On to the more serious stuff. Let’s start with inspiration. I write YA, but when I was a kid, that category didn’t really exist. There was Nancy Drew, and then there were the slight sexy Mom books I snuck under my bed and flipped to THOSE pages. That was it. Until…. I discovered Dean Koontz and Stephen King when I was 10 years old and never looked back. I had friends. I liked people. But I always thought curling up with a book over a weekend was one of the better things to do. Those imaginary people were always so much more interesting than anything that happened in my real life with spelling bees and barbie dolls and nose jobs and permed hair. (and yes, I lived in southern California for a while)  In books, you can be anything you want to be: the heroine’s best friend, the heroes love interest, the girl that saves the day, the villain that scuppers the plans. SO much more exciting than real life. I can’t count the times I watched The Never Ending Story and never wanted it to end.  I wasn’t bullied (not at that age) but I wanted to escape all the same. I’ve always lived in the world of make believe. And now, as an adult, I get to create those make believe worlds. I get to give to teens what I so wanted when I was that age. There’s nothing better than that. Not for me. I love my family. I love my kids.  But in books, you can be the  person you always wanted to be. In books, you never have to give up your dreams. In my books, I give my dreams to you. Enough said.
On a more professional note: I’ve written several novels. I’ve come close to a publishing deal several times. Its a tough world out there. I want to give to people the kind of magic I’ve gotten out of books. I write a variety of genres. A few mental health – which is so important to young people, all people. But mostly in the area sci-fi or contemporary fantasy. Magic is magic. I love magic. I want to believe in magic. As far as I’m concerned Santa Claus is real – I was born on Christmas Day. Books are full of possibility. I want to make someone’s chest swell with belief and incredulity. Any world is possible. Any life is possible. Any path is possible. There are no barriers but fear itself and fear can be conquered. For the young people of today: don’t let anything hold you back!
If you want to check out any of the books I’ve written, please explore my website and leave me a comment
Oh! But wait – you want to hear about the book I’m entering! Of course! Here’s a teaser:

Saving Luna

When a remote cabin is destroyed in the night by a fire, a group of friends flee into the vast wilderness to protect a devastating secret.  Luna is Matthew’s best friend, and he will do anything not to see her resort to a semi catatonic state in the wake of another tragedy.  He leads the ill-equipped group through the woods, but the journey that’s in store for them is more than he bargained for. All he knows is that Grandmother helped Luna once before, she might be able to help her once again. They just need to get Luna there and then maybe everything will be ok. Beacon, an essence of light and Ulrich, a wolf that can sometimes be a man, help guide them on their quest. But drifter Kerry keeps getting in the way and it doesn’t seem as if he wants them to succeed. Matthew doesn’t count on the wild beasts with eyes of fire that roam the forest or the black moss men that materialise out of the trees. As the group are picked off one by one, by both natural and supernatural causes, he begins to doubt his ability to keep his friends safe. It will take everything he possesses to lead the group to safety. But he will do anything for Luna, even sacrifice his own life, and maybe even some of the others. After a terrifying battle against the beasts and moss men, Matthew and Luna arrive at Grandmother’s house. Matthew finally understands the extent of Luna’s Dissociative Identity Disorder and, in a tear-jerking finale, when he realises she no longer needs any of them, he says goodbye.


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