Dreams of School

Dreams! Dreams!
They can come true.
Not just ‘can’, but often do.

For instance!
Once I dreamt a little dream
That I woke up and went to school,
And once there faced such ridicule
Because my trousers I’d not worn!
My bare behind surveyed with scorn,
My eyes with tears of shame did swim
As everyone chortled at my quim.

It was awful, guys.

We’ve all had that naked dream,
Where disgrace is the central theme.
But some years ago, for me, it all came true.
In fact, I was both naked
And doing a poo.

But unlike the dream, there was no shame,

Merely punk defiance and Youtube-fame.

Let me explain.

Teachers’ rights have been eroded, by Jove,
Mainly by that ghastly lackwit Mr Gove.
And one fine day, my mind went ‘snap’
And no longer did I give a crap.

Or rather… I really did.

Without thinking, I dropped trouser,
All the kids cried ‘cripes’ and ‘wowzer’
And a dirty protest I did do-do.

The kids did shout and laugh and cheer,
At my proud and naked rear,
And they filmed it on their phones
As I did write upon the wall,

We’ve run out of pens
So I’m using this.
Signed, Miss.

So once again I’ll say to you,
Dream a dream, it could come true!


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