A short, humorous pontification about the word ‘whilst.’

Whilst we were embarked upon our Curtis Brown course our tutor informed many of us that no one uses the word ‘whilst‘ anymore.  Part way through the course we set up a closed Facebook group so that we could discuss more minor issues or lament over our critiques without the ‘powers that be’ watching every move.  It was during these discussion we discovered that many of us had been informed of the irrelevance of the word ‘whilst.’  But, I questioned, what on earth do you replace it with?  Take the first line of this paragraph, for instance, do we use ‘while’ instead?  Does it mean the same thing?  I stubbornly continue to use the world ‘whilst.’  Perhaps not in my manuscripts, but certainly in Facebook conversations and emails.  Tell me…what do YOU think?

– Marisa




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