The Welly That Wouldn’t Come Off…part 2

Connor sat up again. 'Crickey Mum,
I didn't know you were that strong,'he said.
Mum sheepishly pulled Granny out of the snow
and gave her a pat on the head.

Then all eyes turned towards Connor's right foot
and that welly that still wouldn't budge.
Granny said, 'I think that boot may be stuck there for good.'
And she gave Mum a wink and a nudge.

Mum said, 'Granny don't tease the poor lad,
this is no longer funny I'm sure,
for a boy to have had his right leg half pulled off
and fall dazed and confused to the floor!'

'It's no use,' said Gran. 'It's too tough for us,
we'll have to let Dad take a look.'
Said Mum, 'I'll go get him, he's down in the shed
with his new How to Make Things book.'

Connor was scared. 'Don't let him bring tools,
I don't want my foot chopped in two.'
Mum just chuckled and said with a grin,
'Who knows what your Dad will do.'

Dad appeared in apron, goggles and mask.
He asked, 'What's happened here son?'
'My welly's stuck Dad, I can't get it off.'
Dad smiled, 'This could be fun.'

He picked Connor up and said, 'To the shed.
We'll soon have your right foot free.'
Connor grimaced and looked at his mum.
'Tell Dad to be careful with me.'

Mum and Gran waited outside the shed,
they were all of a nervous concern.
There were crashes and clatters, bangs and bumps,
it made mum's stomach churn.

Dad had put the welly boot in a vice
and grabbed his son by the waist with a squeeze.
Then he heaved and he pulled, he wheezed and the puffed,
then exhausted, he fell to his knees.

Connor hobbled out of the shed,
his right welly boot still stuck tight.
Mrs McLucas called over the fence,
'Is everything quite alright?'

Mum explained about the welly boot
and how it was sticking like glue.
Mrs McLucas said with a wink,
'I know just the right thing to do.

I had an experience just like this,
some footwear that just wouldn't budge.
You need to shove butter into the boot
and give it a squidge and a smudge.'

Mum, happy to try anything now,
did just what her neighbour had said,
and having smeared butter inside the boot,
pulled it until she went red.

Sitting down, feeling bushed and worn out
and almost wanting to cry,
Connor noticed his Labrador Dylan
raise a rather enquiring eye.

He had slept all the way through the drama,
but now there was food he could smell.
So he grabbed the welly in his strong mouth
thinking that he'd try as well.

Connor's leg was shaken all over,
left and right, up and down too,
while his family looked on in amazement
not knowing quite what to do.

Suddlenly, all went silent
and Dylan wagging his tail,
stood very proud with a boot in his mouth.
'I'm free!' Connor yelled with a wail.

The dog started licking the butter.
Gran cried, 'Yippee,' with a cough.
Connor laughed, 'I'll always remember
the welly that wouldn't come off.'

The End


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