The Welly That Wouldn’t Come Off …part 1

It was winter time in the village
and everything seemed to be white,
Connor was wrapped up ever so warm
and was having a snowball fight.

Charlie hid behind a tree
and had just missed the back of his head,
but Connor was brave and he didn't flinch,
he just returned fire instead.

He threw two in quick succession, 
the first just skimmed Charlie's knee,
the second one landed, splat, in his face.
Charlie said, 'Going home...I need a wee.'

'OK,' said Connor. 'See you later
we can have some more fun in the snow,
maybe we could build an igloo,
or a warrior with a sword and a bow?

Or maybe we could make a snow racing car
and pretend that we're in a big race?'
Chalie smiled. 'That sounds like great fun,' he said,
'but no more snowballs in the face.'

Connor just grinned and headed for home
he was hungry and wanted his lunch.
On the way he skidded on each patch of ice 
and smashed every puddle with a crunch.

He sat in the porch on the doorstep
and took off his gloves and his hat,
some melting snow trickled down his neck
'Ooh, I hate it when it does that.'

Connor could hear that his Granny was there,
the cold made her splutter and cough.
He knew that she'd have a treat in the house,
but he couldn't get his right welly off!

The left one had slipped off easily,
but, try however he might,
he tugged and he pulled, yanked and pushed,
but the right welly boot was stuck tight.

From the doorstep Connor screamed, 
'Help me Gran, can you give me a hand?'
Then he slipped and he fell, bumping his head,
and knocked over the umbrella stand.

Gran said, 'What's all this commotion?
Whatever's the matter my lad?'
Said Connor, 'We need to get my welly off,
before my right foot goes bad.'

Now, Granny could see the predicament
by the look on her Grandson's face,
the welly that was waving about in the air,
and the umbrella's all over the place.

So, Connor sat down on the doorstep,
granny knelt down on the floor.
She pulled at the welly with all of her strength...
and slipped and fell out of the door.

Ker-splat landed Gran in a snow pile
that Dad had scraped up from the path.
Connor was not sure quite what to do,
to help Granny up or to laugh.

But Granny started to chuckle
and stood up, brushed herself down,
turning her attention back to Connor's right foot
said, 'That welly's still there,' with a frown.

Down the garden path came Mum,
'What's going on here?'she enquired.
We've been trying to get my right welly off,
and now Granny's ever so tired.'

'Let's have a look,' said mum, rubbing her hands
and grabbing hold of the boot.
But she pulled far too hard at poor Connor's leg
and up in the air he did shoot!

He came down with a whoosh and a crash and a bang,
landing star shaped on the porch floor,
startling Granny and making her slip
back into the snow pile once more.

...part 2 coming soon x


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