An Exercise

activityHello Story Spinner Fans!  Whilst us authors were engaged on our course at Curtis Brown we were given an exercise in description.  We were tasked with writing three paragraphs; 1 – where the main character (MC) took pleasure in killing, 2 – where the MC killed by accident and 3 – where the MC killed out of necessity, like being a doctor or soldier.  My 3 paragraphs are below….can you guess which is which?  Please leave a comment if you think you can!

1 – I had thought the park would be a good place to come.  I’d always enjoyed it as a child.  But today, there are so many flowers.  Too many.  Every colour of the rainbow.  I sit on a mound of grass and watch ants march across a toe path.  A shriek of laughter pierces my ears.  There is such delight in that laugh.  A dog streaks by me, panting, startling me to my knees.  A flock of crows caw as they take to the sky and form a menacing V against the backdrop of the deep blue nothing.  The sun beams down, making me sweat.  The small of my back is wet.  And the nape of my neck.  I take my shoes off and push my toes into the lush grass.  But the sensation is itchy and uncomfortable, not at all what I remembered.

2 – The park at night is peaceful.  There are no toddlers as I wind my way through the snaking paths.  The sun is descending.  There are shadows everywhere.  Romantic shadows that stretch before me and reveal the embrace of young lovers.  The oak trees stand solid, immobile, as if they have always been there.  Perhaps they are as old as the earth itself.  I reach a clump of blackberry bushes and pluck a couple of the ripe fruits from their stems.  The juice squirts in my mouth as I bite into them and runs down my chin. I lick my fingers and savour the sweetness before moving on.

3 – I walk slowly through the rusted gates.  Its oiled hinges swing silently, pleasing me.  I ignore the path and walk across the manicured lawn towards the swings.  The fragile green blades fall victim to my heavy tread and I leave indentations in my wake.  A breath of wind winds through the park and rustles the full summer leaves.  It sounds like a skeleton rattling.  I reach the fence that borders the swings.  There are two currently in use.  Two carefree children swing with abandon, their legs pushing high into the sky, their hair failing towards the ground.  Silky hair.  Sweet smelling baby shampoo reaches me.  I reach out to the fence with both hands.  And grip hard.


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