So That’s Exciting

Well, I did promise to keep you updated on any successes, and whilst (the subject of the world ‘whilst’ will fill a whole other blog) I am still awaiting to hear from publishers concerning two of my novels Spectrum and The Unadjusteds which can be found on my website here, I was approached by an online literary mag Channillo if I’d be interesting in writing a serial for them.  WHOOPIE.  I think we connected on twitter, probably because the founder read my free novel currently found at Inkitt.  I’ve been trying to grow my following on Twitter, so its amazing what can happen if you put in the effort.

Channillo is a site where the reader must pay a small subscription to read an amazing amount of literature.  It would be great to be paid, how ever small, any amount for some of my work.  I’m still checking them out and asking questions.  But I’ll keep you posted.  As always.

  • Marisa

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