Understanding Nico

A wonderful childhood,

Every opportunity given,

Every dream realisable.

From a loving family into a world unknown.


An adult, but still a child,

Lost in the sea of wandering souls.

Well known in the land of Limbo.

The King of Nothingness.


Unable to fly from the roost,

His wings impaired by his choices,

Unable to see the beauty in the world,

To relish the sun on his back, or the lap of a wave at his feet.


It is a foreign life to me.

His home is a doorway,

A doorway to nowhere,

And nowhere is his home.


His skin never fit right,

Not belonging in the world.

Lacking in a niche,

He is chained to his affliction.


Debts owed, cells visited.

The crack of the gavel.

White powder.

The soaring high, the crashing tide.

Dead veins, scarred skin.

Death, dirt, debris surrounds.


Is this life his choice?

How do I understand Nico?


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