Rejections are tough. In fact, rejections are probably the hardest – yet most necessary – part of writing.

We’ve all heard the stories: JK Rowling was rejected lots of times! No one even wanted to publish Stephanie Meyer’s first book! And now look at them! We tell ourselves these things, and sometimes even our Mum reminds us of them, but does it really make us feel any better when a rejection letter lands in our inboxes?

Well, I have good news! Don’t let those rejections get you down – as writers, we are now all participants in the race to #100Rejections! That’s right: there’s a new way to think of all those pesky rejection letters and non responses to competitions.

Let me put it this way: no matter how we look at it, getting published is a numbers game. In business, with a leaflet marketing campaign, you can expect just 2% positive feedback on your product. Well, unfortunately, publishing is just another business, which means you have to maximise you chances. 

#100Rejections encourages you to apply for 100 plus things over 12 months. For every rejection you get, don’t pout: rejoice! For you are one step closer to that glorious 2% positive feedback! And the more rejections you acquire, the better your chances of winning. It’s the game show no one is talking about – but we totally should. Be proud of those rejections! Shout them from the rooftop! Can you beat your friends to be the first to get #100Rejections?

Let us know in the comments how your rejection pile is looking! I bet mine is bigger than yours! 😉


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